Monday, September 1, 2014

Excavation Brisbane

Purchase the necessary equipment. Starting a small excavation brisbane business will require that you buy equipment such as a backhoe. If you are short on funds, consider buying a machine that is slightly used. Purchase a 12-ton backhoe because you will not need a larger one for small excavations. It would also be wise to buy a dump truck with a single axle.

Determine the services you'll offer: clearing lots, safedig, seed preparation, snow removal and assistance with drainage issues, for instance. Keep in mind that the more services you offer, the more clients you are likely to have.

Obtain the proper licensing. Make sure that you acquire a business license by contacting the appropriate agency in your state. Ensure that you have any additional licenses you'll need to operate excavation equipment.

Figure out a suitable location for your excavation equipment. If you have a big lot, you may be able to keep your equipment on your property. However, be sure to consult your local zoning department to be sure that's allowed. Consider leasing a small area from another construction company if this becomes an issue. Focus on getting a bigger area later, but for now just rent an area big enough to hold your current equipment.

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